Brand history.

Established in 2017 in Southern California, with our logo and message, we began to get recognition from gyms to training competitions in the South Bay Area. Now from LA,  Miami, Arizona, and New York the movement continues to grow. We stand by the motto of “Our Training God’s Glory” because apart from Him, we can do nothing and He brings victory in all we do.

The Goal is to impact. To continue building the brand, community, and ministry by the thousands all over the world in Jesus's name, giving Him all the glory in our life and training. We uplift and encourage one another and represent the faith boldly.

SAVED STRENGTH BRAND® is represented in competitions to daily training, to breaking records, and pushing the limits of the temple we’ve been given. As we continue submitting to the Lord, we believe will be the first to break secular barriers. We have a huge God-given vision and everyone coming together and supporting this movement and ministry. We will bring SAVED STRENGTH BRAND from state to state and are grateful for the real support.

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