About Us

Before representing in Powerlifting. Bodybuilding and Strongman let me share a Quick story about the beginning. With two decades of strength training under me.  I’ve come across a lot of amazing people, Throughout the years. I know the  Lord has given me some amazing opportunities to reach many and although some listened and some did not. I could never waste an opportunity, even while in the middle of training.


If I felt the Holy Spirit move me to either speak or pray over someone I did just that. Although I’ve been a believer all my life I was born again Feb 2008 by doing exactly what the scripture said of being born of the water and of the Spirit and sure enough I received it. To my surprise I even spoke in other tongues as the Holy Spirit gave utterance (if you know you understand ) and So did everyone else I know who did the same. I knew at that moment  more people must know about this. I found myself witnessing and encouraging  others over the years in different gym’s and many places, so if I could plant seed and walk out scripture I knew I can have my prayer request be made and that’s to impact many for the kingdom. So I made sure I added  Acts 2:38 on all our apparel. I knew nothing about it until I did it. So I said ...

I will honor God and represent it with all of you who are also  my brother's and sisters in Christ all over the world.  We launched the company in Feb 2017 in Hawthorne CA. Now we’re in many states. From Miami Arizona to New York and soon expanding to Greece and the Netherlands. 

Now!  SAVED STRENGTH BRAND REPRESENTS from BODYBUILDING COMPETITION. POWERLIFTING MEETS. STRONGMAN COMPS. Making an impact in the industry. All this is truly Spirit led and grateful for all of you who support this brand and ministry. 

We will stand by the truth and real quality in all our training apparel and no cutting corners. We will provide a classic line and Strength training and active apparel with limited edition bonus item's. So we hope you’ll love the brand and represent your faith in and out the gym. Knowing who it is you walk with and glorify The Lord Jesus Christ in all we do. If the world is bold for their beliefs then you be bold and courageous  about yours as we’ve been commanded.  


Thank you to everyone for your support.  God bless each and everyone in Jesus name! 

CEO ~ George. M