First of all I want to welcome each and everyone of you who support this brand and message and are along with us on this journey. 

Whether a brother or a sister in the faith. A strength to fitness competitor, active athlete, someone who loves to take care of the temple you been blessed with or perhaps someone who just wants to support out of kindness. You’re all family to me and the support is always and  truly appreciated.
I began this brand with a testimony. A vision and to those that understand.. Holy Spirit led. An idea I couldn’t shake and stirred up in my mind. Although even before I was saved, I was always grateful to God that I can work out I can go to the gym and have an amazing training session and meet a lot of wonderful people many would become friends some Gym family To sum the state acquaintances that was short-lived perhaps a hello or a nod from across the gym, It was easy to build a connection over people that you see on the daily no matter what gym we go too it’s something we often sometimes overlook.  
We sometimes tend to have conversations and many see the gym  as a form of therapy including the small talk we come a across from one side of the building to the other but something I encountered and thing that has never set well with me was the fact that they felt the owed everything to the gym itself as if life wouldn’t be the same and would perish without it.  some would even wear brands that say the “ The gym saved my life” or even these YouTube influencers I won’t mention any names but have made actual slogans in taking the Lord’s name in vain. Cussing every 5 minutes and giving worthless advice wrapped in meaningless content. The same thing over and over with so many views.
So i said... if I had a brand that speaks truth and the greatest purpose and everyday worth my while. What would it be? What would it look like? How many people could we impact? What would be the boldest thing we can bring into the fitness industry? 
  • Without hesitation GOD (Jesus Christ) is the ultimate answer. I knew that although this fitness world is ran by a lot of secular influencers to the same ol cookie cutter brands that all seem to push the same nonsense 10 different ways. 
The beginning. SAVED STRENGTH BRAND was created in 2017 and we began with a shirt with the name itself which to my surprise people wanted a shirt, then another and another. I came out with the logo Warrior one night around 2am just designing on a old S3 phone I had although I had no computer I was pretty good by God’s good grace on my phone. I showed people to get feedback and the feedback was amazing although I didn’t know if they were just gassing me up? Or they really liked it. So I said there’s only one way to find out. I printed out 12 shirts and they were sold out. I ordered more and sold again. I made the choice to add the Warrior logo with the Acts 2:38 in different colors and it took off. I said wow thank The Lord.
    • Now imagine that so many people who are supporting the brand were not even really about the faith and some perhaps but never mentioned it. Now getting recognition in various gyms across the SouthBay we decided it was time for a website. Fast forward to now we are in various cities and states i would never imagine. So much love and support from brother who got love for the brand.  Now we have athletes to ambassadors. Blessed and highly favored supporters for this movement, So live the message and enjoy the quality and rest assured we  don’t cut any corners  We don’t sell out with the message and we stay true to our values and morals. Firm in the world of God and as for the quality it will be in every item we produce. We will work on bring so much more to not only our apparel but professional lifting accessories and all that’s needed for your competition and training needs. 
So what’s next? God’s plan. Impact and reach many by the thousands and lead them to Jesus Christ who is God alone and has blessed us with the very life we have. The air in our lungs and wake up to another blessed day of life. Our Motto: “Our Training God’s Glory” is not only training in the gym but in righteousness as well. We are grateful we get to use our gifts from Bodybuilding competitions to Powerlifting meets. Representing Strongman events. As we continue to grow I want everyone to represent this brand boldly and know you’re part of a brotherhood that’s sole purpose is giving God glory and knowing that  it’s it NOT the gym or activity or event that saved us or made life worthwhile but Christ alone! So Welcome and I pray each and everyone of you is truly blessed and follow us into this amazing journey and help make a powerful impact to this industry. So I’m behalf of me and our athletes and members I wanna say. Be bold and courageous and firm in the faith.  Love y’all God bless each and every one of you ..and thank you. 

- CEO and Founder ~ George Martinez