The words “Saved” and “Strength” A decisive term for deriving our God given, Strength and purpose while receiving our true identity and validation through God alone. All of it comes from being Saved by grace through faith.

We believe in Oneness of GOD and His name is JESUS CHRIST of nazareth. God Himself manifest in the flesh.

Our Training God’s Glory.

Bodily training to training in righteousness, Our Souls have been Saved and lives have been validated by God from the day we were born again, and we hold true to that walking in Holiness and faith, Bold and courageous. Increasing in wisdom by God’s living word daily and never being content with stagnancy. We will not be hindered in Jesus name! There is a Holy Spirit fire that burns within us to strive to be Holy and Holy Spirit led so we become the true version of ourselves Jesus meant for us to be in Him.

The Vision.

Spreading the Gospel and plan of salvation ACTS 2:38 Worldwide. Honor God in our training in the gym. Representing in competition to Powerlifting meets or wherever you display your gifts. We live for Him in all we do and build up one another and be the light where ever we go as we become leaders in our communities and walk as true soldier’s for Christ.

More than Just a brand.